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Positive Leadership in Practice

April 18, 2023 Giulia Iannucci / Cornelia Lucey Season 2 Episode 26
KnowThyBrand - Championing gender inclusion in business
Positive Leadership in Practice
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk with Cornelia Lucey, a Leadership psychologist and business owner.
Cornelia shares with us what ‘Positive Leadership’ is and how it integrates what we know from the leadership field in what creates the most effective leaders, with what we know from the science of positive psychology to offer us an integrated model of leadership that brings the best in wellbeing and performance from leaders and others.

Over 2020 and 2022 Cornelia Lucey and Jolanta Burke developed a memorable framework called the ALIGHT model to help the world to understand how we can develop more effective leadership approaches from this combination of research fields.

The ‘ALIGHT’ model talks about six specific resources that when applied and developed make the biggest difference in how leaders and their teams feel and perform.
These six resources are:
Abundance -> a leader’s inclination towards seeing, developing, and using their own, other people’s and organisational strengths.
Limberness -> a leader’s ability to adapt, be emotionally agile and become resilient in changing contexts.
Inspiration -> is a resource that helps leaders inspire others to become the best versions of themselves. t differs from leaders being perceived as inspirational, which implies they are superhuman. Inspiration is not a superhuman quality but a resource that helps leaders move themselves and their teams to resolute action.
Grand Design -> is a leader’s ability to transcend day-to-day activities into meaningful contributions and vice versa.
Health -> consists of three elements: promotion, which relates to leaders taking action to promote healthy behaviours; orientation, referring to leaders taking action to ensure a healthy environment; and full integration, which refers to healthy exchanges between leaders and their tribe and consideration of wider stakeholders.
Tribe -> the leaders’ ability to assess, initiate, foster, develop and redevelop relationships to meet our relational needs as an individual, team, organisation or within a system.

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