KnowThyBrand - Championing gender inclusion in business

Engaging Men in the Pursuit of Gender Equality

October 04, 2023 Giulia Iannucci
KnowThyBrand - Championing gender inclusion in business
Engaging Men in the Pursuit of Gender Equality
Show Notes

In an era where gender equality is a pressing global concern, Daniele stands at the forefront of challenging traditional norms and advocating for change. Daniele Fiandaca, the visionary founder of Token Man Consulting, is an expert in the field of inclusion and diversity. His insights on the pivotal role of men in the gender equality movement, as well as the obstacles they face, provide a fresh perspective on this critical issue.

Daniele’s journey toward advocating for gender diversity began a decade ago during his career in advertising, where he held various leadership roles. At that time, he organized events for creative directors globally, including one pivotal dinner event for twelve women. While the presence of twelve women didn't surprise him, what transpired when he entered the room was entirely unexpected.

Upon entering the dinner, Daniele experienced an abrupt loss of confidence—an invisible force seemed to snatch it away. As the dinner progressed, he found himself surrounded by conversations he couldn't relate to, pushing him further into the periphery. When he attempted to introduce the dinner he had funded, his co-host, a woman, interrupted him. These experiences were strikingly similar to what women often encounter in male-dominated settings.

It was through these firsthand experiences that Daniele  truly grasped what it felt like to be part of the "out group." Despite his numerous privileges, he hadn't fully comprehended the extent of the impact such exclusionary experiences could have on individuals. This awakening marked the beginning of his commitment to driving change in the field of gender equality.

In this episode Daniele Talks with us about:
> The Necessity of Men's Involvement
> Fostering Uncomfortable Conversations
> Positive Masculinity: Nurturing a New Narrative

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